General Practise Consultations

Daily consultations with clinicians of family medicine of excellence with extensive practical experience in general medicine.



Hospitalization of patients with facilities equipped with the necessary means for monitoring of basic parameters.
Covering 24h with doctors and qualified nurses.


Ambulance Services

Ambulance service 24 hours a day.
Fully equipped ambulance for critical patients.
Experienced professionals in emergency situations.
Ensuring the comfort and safety with rescue service very efficient response timings.


Radiology (X-ray, CT scans)

Diagnostic imaging services with qualified and humanized care professional.
Radiographs services and CT scans conventional and contrasted.
Commodes and planned installations with high security.


Clinic Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory trained with qualified laboratory technician.
Realization of varieties of analytical techniques to help your doctor diagnose.
Promptness, discretion, safety and quality are our highest goals.



Daily ultrasound services.
Non-invasive method that allows assist the doctor in the diagnosis of variety of diseases.
Fundamental for the follow your pregnancy and childbirth safely planning.



Adicional examination that allows a look at the electrical functioning of your heart.
Fundamental technique to diagnose a series of Cardiac and Extra heart disease such as heart attack, arrhythmias, monitoring Hypertensive and Diabetes, etc.



Dental Medicine dedicated to the prevention and treatment of oral health.
Our goal is to provide you an impeccable oral health with a perfect smile.


Specialty Consultations

Reference experts and experience coming from other islands to take care of you and their ones.
We count on to travel several professionals such as Pediatrics, Dermatology, Gynecologist, Orthopedics, Surgery, Otolaryngologist, etc.


Nursing Services

Related humanitarian values, ethics, social commitment and excellence in care and humanization, are the inherent values of our practice.
We are prepared to take care of you and their ones.


Home Consultation

Health services in your home with excellence, with the convenience of not needing to leave home.
We offer this service with professionals (doctors and nurses) reliable and capable.